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We buy original products from their official websites at their official price and redistribute them at a lower price. You will get an automatic update from within your WordPress dashboard without any intervention from us.
of course you can, But not for all products. There are some products that have a variable serial number for each sale, and then you can get the serial number yourself, but unfortunately there are other products that have only one serial number and cannot be given to customers.
After completing the purchase, you send your WordPress wordpress dashboard data. username and password, And we activate within two hours.
Privacy policy and customer data protection are our first and foremost priorities. naturally , You cannot easily trust anyone and give them your website data, You can check our customers reviews about our services.
Yes, all of our products are automatically updated from within your WordPress control panel without any intervention from the company.
unfortunately it is not possible, For each website you need to purchase a new license for it.
Yes you can, Please contact us for more details
Some products are paid annually and some are one-time only, Please read the product description carefully before purchasing to find out the answer to this question.
yes, You can return the product within 5 days from the date of purchase.
The product will still work for you. But the update will stop.

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